About Joe


Having always shown an interest in computers, I’ve worked my way through many different aspects of the subject from building hardware, configuring home networks and more recently programming! (and alot of everything in between)

Having always had a public website since the internet was gifted with Geocities, I decided to learn how to host my own blog on a Linux VPS, and this is the result!


Back in 2017, I started an edX course that catered in programming and computer science called CS50x. Since overcoming the monumental challenge of completing it, I have been hooked ever since and continue to build all sorts of projects, big and small.
If you’re even thinking about doing such a thing, I would tell you not to hesitate and get stuck in!


The end result is not only to showcase some of my own projects and interests but to also teach others aswell.
I am a great reader and believer in books; an unchangeable medium that is always there. With this in mind, I like to think that my musings (and sometimes waffle) might inspire someone to try something different, or learn how to do something more specific.

If you want to ask me something directly, either comment on the blog or contact me below!

Best Regards,


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