AMD’s K.O.

I’ve never been, what people call a fan boy. (Not PC enough….; fan person?). But I have always rooted for innovation over underdogism. With AMD’s new Ryzen range, they tick both boxes. Power to the people comes to mind.

This is not just seen as red versus blue anymore… this is more important. I feel that since the XP+ desktop range, innovation and creativity slipped. I moved to a core2duo after my XP3000+. Underdog? No, but innovation?

Like with everything new, there’s reports of Ryzen suffering birth issues; AMD will defiantly nurture their baby to full health and beyond.

However one thing still niggles me. Sure, Ryzen is fast becoming superior to Intel’s best offerings, but the cards are now on the table, and I feel Intel is squeezing the life from its’ i series. How long can we expect AMD to dominate against an Intel refresh?

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