Battlefield 1: choppy graphics fix

Ever since I bought Battlefield 1 on release day, it never ran well on my PC. The FPS would spike to 0 randomly and frequently.
Monitoring my system during gameplay, the temps were fine, CPU and GPU not under 100% load and plenty of RAM unused.

It clearly wasn’t the hardware. I took my time to change many different graphics settings to try and pinpoint a single setting that might be causing the issues, to no avail.

Turning off DX12 (DirectX 12) prompted me to restart the game. Loaded into a new multiplayer game and it ran as smooth as butter.

If you play Battlefield 1 on PC and you experience choppiness, turn off DX12!

No Man’s Sky “Loading Shaders” crash fix

Following news about the new “Next” update for No Man’s Sky, I decided to to buy it through Steam. However, I initially spent alot of time trying to play it, without success. During the “Loading Shaders” starscape, the game would crash to the desktop.

I followed many different guides that the community had put together to fix the issue:

  • Remove overclocking CPU/GPU
  • Delete Shader cache and “keep trying”
  • Change resolution in game settings file
  • Change buffer sizes in game settings file
  • Change CPU threads (min & max) in game settings file

I spent hours changing these settings incrementally and running the game again until it crashed back to desktop. After more searching, I read someone suggesting that it was caused by the game running out of RAM. Since I had 16GB installed, I was a little dismisive at first. Dispite this, I followed a suggestion to increase the “pagefile” size in Windows 10.

As a last resort, I decided to give it a go.
I deleted the SHADERCACHE and changed the pagefile setting from 800Mb to “Automatic” and started the game.

The game finally stopped crashing and found myself on a colourful planet in the middle of an expansive universe. It worked!

I put together a guide to accessing the pagefile settings for Windows 10:

A guide to change pagefile / virtual memory in Windows 10

Blizzard: Rant

World of Warcraft

I’ve recently quit WoW, probably for the last time. I find it horrendous; the sheer amount of time it takes to get top end gear in the game.
Let’s face it, it has always been a grind. I don’t mind a grind, but not when with every expansion, the grind gets greater.

The grind business model is cheap; it costs a fraction of the price to implement, instead spending on top quality content. This also puts players in the position that they still haven’t reached any goal, and ensures they keep paying until they do.
The game has become impossible to play; it will burden my free time, and real life activities will burden on the ‘essential’ gear race.
It is goodbye forever to WoW, as I can’t see these issues changing.


Hearthstone was a really fun game when it first came about. I, today, have both installed and uninstalled the game completely, after witnessing a ridiculous bloodbath. Again, I have once upon a time invested money and time into hearthstone and the goalposts have moved yet again, and for the investment I’ve made, I get nothing back.

There’s nothing like being completely gutted and left to dry by some 14 year old who has spent hundreds (of $£) on cards from the new, overpowered expansions that have been released. The romantic idea of being able to play to receive card packs for free is hardly existent, as it will take hundreds of hours to get a few decent cards from the latest expansion.

Another great business model and another great cash cow for another large conglomerate. No thanks, I will keep my time and money.