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Something that doesn’t physically exist is easily misplaced or lost. It’s a bit more unsettling when you tie many hours to misplaced data, entrusted in someones hands.

“If you want something done right, do it yourself”

Charles-Guillaume Étienne. (as translated)

The hosting company, 123-REG had made this very error, as described on an independent.co.uk news article. (also documented on many other news sites) It was unfortunate, but even more so for those who lost their data. Web-based businesses (and their clients) drowned in complete internet darkness as the servers updated their drives to “forget” the data stored on them. I suppose I was lucky that when my server vanished, my livelihood didn’t go with it. Sure, it was a lot of time spent over the years; not only writing articles (that not many people at all have read), but the initial setup and configuration also took many long nights and head bashing, especially to an unexperienced “hobbyist”.

Like others I too kept backups outside of the company’s’ server infrastructure, but they are not directly or easily transferable to a new infrastructure altogether. I am in the process of rebuilding the VPS and selecting some old blog posts to carry over into the new world.

The new rhetoric for my corner of the internet have been changed; mainly about my technology experiences and the occasional post about myself.

BSKYB and your new TV

If you have been treated to a new TV during Christmas or have snapped yourself a great deal during the sales, you may find your Sky remote no longer controls some TV functionality after carefully setting up your new toy. Maybe your Sky remote has never worked with your TV volume and you constantly have to have both remotes at hand; this link may save your sanity.

The Sky remote is programmable to some of your TV functions, and can be reprogrammed if the current setup doesn’t work. This link from Sky should get you up and running again.


An example of some functions to use, for example, on a Samsung TV, selecting the TV button on the Sky remote and pressing i will bring the input selection up on screen. Pressing TV and help will bring up the TV’s inbuilt settings. Different buttons will interact differently depending on the TV you have, so enjoy playing around!

EDIT : I had trouble finding the revision code; its located inside the battery cover. Other models may be located at the same area.

The highlighted text has “rev.9f” This is a rev.9 remote.