Unemployment is initially strange

This is not another self pity article about redundancy, but more of an elightening one (even though I speak from Day #2)

After almost 11 years in a dead-end job, I see this as a rebirth of myself. Just under 2 years ago, the wheels of the redundancy process started to turn and with this came as no surprise to me. Since then, I have spent some time in re-evaluating and investing in myself, which leans heavily towards my ambitions and importantly, self-interests.

The last 3 months of work went by quick mainly due to the monotimous routine of the job and the commute. I have various reasons for being there so long; financial commitments, financial stability and being well versed in the role, to name a few. (I would be here all day to name them all)
I initially started work during a recession, and infact felt lucky that I had a job at all. As time went on, I can look back and see a 6 year hole in which I felt trapped primarily due to some bad investment descisions (all of which involved cars, but that’s for another day).

During the notice period, as the day became nearer, the anticipation became ever stronger, like an unearthly will that was edging me towards a cliff. The gloomy greyscale cliff isn’t hiding jagged rocks below, but is actually a platform overlooking a sea of colourful opportunity.
The more I studied the situation, the faster I wanted to run off the edge and grasp every colour that I could. This is exciting, not a downfall.

Back to reality… and time has really slowed down for me. I feel like this day has lasted a week. I am not overexaggerating. My mind is becoming less foggy, and as I try to mentally delete everything that I have learned specifically to my old job role, the colours are becoming brighter. This is exactly what I thought would happen and for this I am grateful.


All this said, there are many things that I wish to accomplish with this new-founded clarity and time. I am going to complete courses in these areas:

  • Linux
  • Word and Excel
  • CS50X web
  • Data analysis and presentation
  • AI: machine learning

As well as these, have a few interesting projects that I feel are worth persuing, and I will endeavor to complete those that are unfinished.
I also want to take the time to do things that I’ve never done before, such as going to some auctions (which is part of a future project) and maybe even a seminar or talk relating to programming.

This journey isn’t primarily about programming. It is about experiencing and learning new things, meeting different people and growing as a person. Perhaps this is the jump start I

Slimming down

The past few years of good eating have contributed to my spare tire. Weighing about 14.5ST isn’t exactly a good milestone for me. I have decided to start running again to shift the weight. Why now you ask? At freezing night temperatures?

Well actually, running in December, at night, through the dead quiet streets isn’t as bad as it first seems. I was dreading the idea at first, but finishing my first lap after dragging myself out of bed at1 a.m. mad me feel accomplished, even though it’s my first one.

It’s nice and cold, and keeps you cool after a while. Secondly, setting a goal as a new year resolution is bound to be broken, especially if you go around telling people before actually do it.

Many moons ago, I used to run every other day with 30mins of skipping inbetween. The ritual worked for a few years and worked really well (with the self determination) but I kinda started to do it less and less until it stopped entirely.

I’m not a fanatic. I don’t buy into the whole lycra plus shoes plus heartrate monitor crap. I run for a personal goal, not to prove anything to anyone. Although I’ve decided the only good use for lycra is to stop chafe.

I say goodbye Europe

Today, 29th March 2017 is when Britain starts the EU divorce process.

If you’re here looking for optimism, you might want to skip this post.

My personal situation; still living at home with my parents. I am what is classed, an unskilled worker. In around a year, I will be made redundant as my work favours technology. I have worked through the 2007 recession and frankly I’ve never emerged out of it. Continue reading “I say goodbye Europe”

Parliament gone Potty over Brexit

Here it is. I’m unashamedly admitting that I listen to BBC Radio 4 news bulletins on the way to work. I suppose, not many people of my age do listen to it, but more importantly it is a compromise seeing as my radio doesn’t receive a good enough reception of LBC. (I’ve come to actually prefer R4 now)

Today we (R4 listeners) heard some sound bites from parliament and with them, headlines about negotiating Brexit trade deals. (Being vague here because my point is …)

I think I’m just about sick of these agreements, votes and bluntly, blackmails around Brexit. It’s not fair to the public, or the EU. The vote has been cast (twice). Stop debating it, get on and try to repair our torn country.


First post! on the sidestep blog away from technology. It’s nice to be ordered, and ordered, I am. (becoming)

Even though this is supposed to primarily be a ‘tech’ blog, I feel I need a place to vent or share other things too, and importantly, a place to become less formal. ┬áSo here goes nothing! (musings)