Did you see it?

You know, I bet you didn’t! I moved servers again! It has been less then a year since it happened last, which is quite dissapointing. There are a few reasons for this. I’ll be kind and fail to disclose the company as the support has been first class. The VPS industry is becoming alot more competative, however.

A current distro wasn’t available at time of setting up. Meaning I had no choice but to use an Ubuntu 14.04 image which was already ageing at the time of setting it up. Although I was pretty comfortable and familiar with using it, the LTS clock was ticking.
I can say now, even though there’s a little time left, 14.04 is really showing it’s age.

Sluggish. Yes it was hard to tell if the software, configuration, OS or I/O was the issue, but it slightly hindered me none-the-less.

Manual backups… eeeugh. I could have paid more to have automatic backups, but I felt I was paying enough taking into account the previous points. Also it was a chore… my policy was to backup every month which wasn’t enough (even though this isn’t a business site). It was more difficult whilst having an hour or so spare on a slow internet.

Price, which is an important factor when you’re hosting a site as (at the moment) a hobbiest. Again, taking in all of the above, I felt I was paying way too much compared to other places.

I found myself staring into the VPS void. Again. Unsure of which direction to throw my money. OVH did not have a UK server location, my last experience with 1and1 left me feeling like a sudo user. I wittled it to 2 new hosts, dive into DigitalOcean or try Vultr. I credited both sites and spun up a vps and had a play around…. and was really impressed.

I bit the bullet and went with Vultr. I like the way the site is layed out, how easy going it seems. Its a nippy server, its alot cheaper (including automatic backups), it’s located in the UK with many images to choose from, and has a good solid self-help database which covers alot of different topics.

It took alot less time to set up then it did with the previous host too, which might not be surprising as 14.04 was alot more configuration intesive. Newer software with 16.04 kind of solves this with hardened config  as standard (although you still need to check)

Lastly, one feature I’ve really taken to Vultr’s login page! All the previous hosting companies have allowed (some of them weak passwords) just a user/email and password to login! You spend hours hardening the VPS, but you can guess a password and delete/change anything you like. This really needs to be looked at but thats a different story.

It’s early days but I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far! You can check vultr here!

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