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I woke up on Sunday and thought it would be nice to centralize all of the snippets of information that I find useful and have saved up. Being a casual sysadmin, there’s alot of things I do not use on a regular basis and gets scrambled up with mundane real life.

I currently have these infobytes scattered in my OneDrive, separated into different text files. I suppose this is handy to have on demand everywhere, but to be able to organise and retrieve information in a less painstaking way would be better.

I have a raspberry pi 2 running all of the time, mainly as a utility host; an ssh monitor (with top), or a few months back, a node-red server for my @awkwardbot_ twitter bot (got royally deleted). Hang on, this little guy is on 24/7 and hasn’t really seen much use in a while.
A bit of googling and I found the answer to my needs! A php based wiki site called MediaWiki, which is what wikipedia.com is based on (from what I gather)

MediaWiki will allow me to make specific pages for different information, group them by category and finally get it organised!

I went about by separately installing the different components of the webserver (I’ve never really liked the idea of using a lamp) and then finally installing MediaWiki. It works quite well now; I have only a few pages but I have a small feeling that more substantial content will slow the service down.
Not fault of the software, platform or pi itself, but the SD card that it runs from. I can see this database struggling. I’ll press on and later, update on the situation! Exciting times.

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