I say goodbye Europe

Today, 29th March 2017 is when Britain starts the EU divorce process.

If you’re here looking for optimism, you might want to skip this post.

My personal situation; still living at home with my parents. I am what is classed, an unskilled worker. In around a year, I will be made redundant as my work favours technology. I have worked through the 2007 recession and frankly I’ve never emerged out of it.

There’s now news about many jobs through different sectors, either making redundancies or outsourcing work. Now, whether the decision for these (thousands of) jobs dissapearing is directly because of Brexit is pretty unclear, and frankly you can dig to the moon and back and still be uncertain, but it’s impecable timing nonetheless.

Which makes me wonder about my immediate future. I want to move out and I want my own home. By the time I’m actually jobless, I would have joined an already growing number of unemployed (speculative but considering recent news) and at the worst time possible. Secondly, house prices would have become more expensive, which means I would need a greater wage then I already do now, and with the growing amount of uncertainty, more employers may outsource and new business will be even more,  less likely.

When the Conservatives made it clear that they will hold a referendum, it was obvious that they would be seated. Not only did they drag voters away from UKIP, but also weakened an already weak “main” opposition. I’m not bitter about the result per se, but of the sneidy tactics from many of the leave campaigners. A referendum overtook the main reasons as to why you would vote a party into governance, and in doing so shunned the majority of the ideologies that were usually expected within an election. The misleading infomercials that claimed we can save £300m a month (then followed) and with this money, build a new hospital every month (now admitted by the leave campaigners that the claims were a load of rubbish and “probably” wouldn’t happen). Realistically, these unrealistic claims from unelected people, started a catalyst for what has become. It was a dark time for society.

Families were litterally torn apart because of different views about an EU exit. (roughly) 80% of people I had spoken to believed that we should stay, as did I. Many of those who voiced to leave, voted on different ‘benefits’ of leaving the EU; not being governed by unelected EU council members, having a ‘change’ to current life, getting rid of health and safety laws, saving our monthly contributions to the EU, but what angered alot of leavers was immigration.

People are just people, no matter what society they are placed in. There are good people, bad people, lazy people, lucky people, intelligent people and stupid people. I heard from one leave voter some pretty upsetting views (especially as my family emigrated here) and was quite disgusted at what this person will vote for; frankly selfish reasons. (But of course, it’s their view and vote, and must be respected.) However, I would like to add that I think immigration has been disproportionately achieved, when considering schools, housing and public infrastructure.

The referendum was a binary vote but I think it could be voted on, for or against, with a person’s strongest view being only a single issue that our society faces, without considering the change as a whole.

I would like to think optimisticly about what the future holds for me and many others. I have a feeling, however, the pay gap between the rich and the poor will increase and the little people will be made smaller.

I suppose when the time comes, I’ll have to find a driving job, and take a (proportionally) big pay decrease with it and start at the “bottom” again. I’ll battle through yearly inflation price rises, higher fuel costs and more expensive car insurance to start. Eventually food might go up in price too.

This isn’t a moan but I don’t know any other way of expressing my views of my own future, based on what is happening to me and around me. I’m not trying to cause panic but I am only voicing concerns about the direction of my life. My views are my own.

(At time of writing, BlackRock has announced job losses as it favours computers to do the jobs of people. Another coincidence?)

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