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Bad news; the wiki is working. Bad because I want to expand it already.

I like the idea of a NAS but I couldn’t justify paying for a commercial NAS unit as I probably wouldn’t use it that much. It would primarily be for backup, mainly. Now I can see a purpose. Perhaps on my internal wiki, I have a page for ubuntu, with distro related info going on there. I currently have a neat folder tree on my 2tb VAULT drive with ubuntu ISO’s, Debian ISO’s… . You get the picture! If I were to create a download directory on the web server, I could link and subheading all of these files. Not only to preserve the files but also include information about them.

“Now what’s the point in that? You can just download it off the web, surely!” Well this is one specific example but it can be replicated across all files that I have for that ‘just in case’ moment. It will allow me to archive some of these already existing files. It can also allow me to have stuff on demand for other computers; like when I need drivers or game installers. (Getting excited about the prospect of keeping computer drivers archived in this way)

But there’s a problem. In order to achieve this, I require a platform capable of serving large volumes of “fat” files at any given time. I would also need to cater for redundancy and to maintain the system to a certain standard. With these criterium, comes an issue… I might need a server, or atleast an x86 computer.

The rpi would be great as a standalone webserver however, thus bringing the situation to (more annoyingly) an open door.
( I like shut doors…. you can control directional flow. Open doors allows  anyone and everything to go in and out freely. This can of worms is definitely not shut )

What next?

Handed to me was an old i5 motherboard / cpu bundle and I have since chucked 8gb of ram. This was to be sold or made into a second gaming unit. From this, arises 3 new problems.

  1. I’m not sure if it works. At all. I have chucked an ancient PSU at it once, but I’m more sure the PSU was dead
  2. There goes my energy efficiency. Can I justify such a unit for light occasional use?
  3. Where would it go? Unless I look for a smaller case, I’m going to have a hard time placing it in a corner somewhere… and the noise won’t be delightful either

I don’t know the specs of the machine to really make a decision on that second question.

Alternatively I could buy a cheap HP micro server, but why? when I have a (potentially) perfectly good base. I’ll have a think about this for a little while longer.

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