Playstation 4 HDD Upgrade

After much umm-ing and aar-ing about upgrading the PS4 hard-drive, the monumental amount of data I just delete to play something new has tipped the balance.
I’m quite annoyed with the situation to be honest, when the PS4 was released, surely someone at Sony could have worked out the average amount of games someone would play in 3 years, and then decide if the 500gb hard-drive is enough for not only the game files, but also the videos, screenshots and saved game data too.

This obviously wasn’t decided in spite, but they kind of expect users to sell the 500gb PS4 to then fork out more for the 1TB model. Seriously? They obviously aren’t a fan at people upgrading the hard-drive on their own as they don’t sell “official” upgrade packages for user installed HDD’s!

I kind of feel sorry for those “casual” gamers who know nothing about the relationship of the components and literally purchase a new PS4 for more space.
Anyway, I’ve purchased a 2TB Samsung ST2000LM003 hard-disk to install into my PS4 from The capacity may be a bit overkill right now, but in a few years time, I might be pretty thankful for that decision!

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