Slimming down

The past few years of good eating have contributed to my spare tire. Weighing about 14.5ST isn’t exactly a good milestone for me. I have decided to start running again to shift the weight. Why now you ask? At freezing night temperatures?

Well actually, running in December, at night, through the dead quiet streets isn’t as bad as it first seems. I was dreading the idea at first, but finishing my first lap after dragging myself out of bed at1 a.m. mad me feel accomplished, even though it’s my first one.

It’s nice and cold, and keeps you cool after a while. Secondly, setting a goal as a new year resolution is bound to be broken, especially if you go around telling people before actually do it.

Many moons ago, I used to run every other day with 30mins of skipping inbetween. The ritual worked for a few years and worked really well (with the self determination) but I kinda started to do it less and less until it stopped entirely.

I’m not a fanatic. I don’t buy into the whole lycra plus shoes plus heartrate monitor crap. I run for a personal goal, not to prove anything to anyone. Although I’ve decided the only good use for lycra is to stop chafe.

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  1. Good for you, matey!

    Never knew you were over 14 stone.. but I was probably more than that although I never weighed myself at my heaviest.

    You’re right about the running making a measurable difference. I’m keeping myself at under 12st nowadays.

    I could never do it at 1am, though. I can only really run after a good night’s sleep, so it’s either a late morning or early afternoon ritual for me when I’m not working. Running too late in the evening would upset my sleep pattern.

    What distances and times are you typically managing?

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. I’m not too fussed about time of day, I typically go out when the highstreet is less busy. Although conscious about really early runs and ground frost/ice this time of year.

      Infact I prefer a late night run now as it gives me time to think about stuff that I’ve done during the evening.

      Distance/time is pretty bad at the moment. I measured the distance to just over 3.5km in 25 mins, although there is a bit of an ascent. When I get it down to 20 mins, I’ll add another Km to the route!

      Glad it worked well for you!

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