Some thoughts on my AMD FX-6350: the highs and woes

While on the subject of AMD, it might be a good place to chuck out some thoughts of my current pc build.

It was more of a compromise then a solid future proofed rig. My core2duo build was dying. Well, the AsRock (I know!) motherboard was, to be precise. To be honest, 7 years service wasn’t too bad, considering it was a budget build at the time. It lasted me well. The more occasional blue screens pronounced the retirement, shortly after the tirade of reseating, log trawling and diagnosing.

I needed a pc, quick. Intel’s i5 seemed too expensive and took me way over budget, and besides, I could happily live with a FX-6350 clocking at 3.9ghz and 6 whole threads, right? I didn’t skimp on the motherboard this time and chucked in 8 gigs of fast sticks. Adding an SSD in the mix and you have a blazingly fast pc, capable of handling almost everything you throw at it. ( Quick compared to the core2duo E6400 atleast )

Ok so I wouldn’t get brute force video encoding power and it may be a little noisy but for £120, the processor really kicked ass. It ran everything perfectly up until now.

Mid 2016 when the rx4XX series gpus were released, I decided to upgrade my aging radeon HD6670 and opted for a rx470. Massive improvement. Now I can play triple-A titles! Or so I thought. Sadly my ever ageing FX cpu is bouncing off 100% usage, but only so far on Battlefield 1. Which leads me to a crossroads. To upgrade or not to upgrade?

It’s a hard decision when you see a bottle-neck, and harder still with new hardware releases and prices slashing around you. For a single game or program to be hindered, its probably not worth it for now. I think I can live with this setup for a while longer as it is a solid pairing.  Hopefully I can look forward to some nice shiney and quicker tech in a few years! But time has certainly taken its toll on the poor FX range.

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