Server Musings

It has been a nice while since I had anything to report about the server. Nothing to report! Brilliant!
It has been running really stable with no issues and now seeing long up-times between the usual software and kernel updates.

It’s time, however that I started to think about the future. Time is slowly but surely ticking for the LTS support end date for Ubuntu 14.04, and now I need to put plans in place for a migration to the new system. I am a bit worried, however.

Ideally, I want wait for Ubuntu 18.04 to be released as it is a nice crossover point to make a jump from an ageing LTS to a brand new LTS. I’m worried because previous experiences will tell me that Ubuntu doesn’t like to be involved in major upgrades.
How my VPS host handles different kernels and OS images is also concerning.

My primary idea was to create a local installation, adapt it to the remote server’s configuration, upgrade databases, reinstall and reconfigure software and finally unpack everything remotely. I think that I would like to test it on a “spare” server some day, just to see if the process works. If so, it would be my #1 choice to upgrading the OS.

Some thoughts on my AMD FX-6350: the highs and woes

While on the subject of AMD, it might be a good place to chuck out some thoughts of my current pc build.

It was more of a compromise then a solid future proofed rig. My core2duo build was dying. Well, the AsRock (I know!) motherboard was, to be precise. To be honest, 7 years service wasn’t too bad, considering it was a budget build at the time. It lasted me well. The more occasional blue screens pronounced the retirement, shortly after the tirade of reseating, log trawling and diagnosing. Continue reading “Some thoughts on my AMD FX-6350: the highs and woes”

My Wiki Obsession

Bad news; the wiki is working. Bad because I want to expand it already.

I like the idea of a NAS but I couldn’t justify paying for a commercial NAS unit as I probably wouldn’t use it that much. It would primarily be for backup, mainly. Now I can see a purpose. Perhaps on my internal wiki, I have a page for ubuntu, with distro related info going on there. I currently have a neat folder tree on my 2tb VAULT drive with ubuntu ISO’s, Debian ISO’s… . You get the picture! If I were to create a download directory on the web server, I could link and subheading all of these files. Not only to preserve the files but also include information about them.

“Now what’s the point in that? You can just download it off the web, surely!” Well this is one specific example but it can be replicated across all files that I have for that ‘just in case’ moment. It will allow me to archive some of these already existing files. It can also allow me to have stuff on demand for other computers; like when I need drivers or game installers. (Getting excited about the prospect of keeping computer drivers archived in this way) Continue reading “My Wiki Obsession”

Playstation 4 HDD Upgrade

After much umm-ing and aar-ing about upgrading the PS4 hard-drive, the monumental amount of data I just delete to play something new has tipped the balance.
I’m quite annoyed with the situation to be honest, when the PS4 was released, surely someone at Sony could have worked out the average amount of games someone would play in 3 years, and then decide if the 500gb hard-drive is enough for not only the game files, but also the videos, screenshots and saved game data too.

This obviously wasn’t decided in spite, but they kind of expect users to sell the 500gb PS4 to then fork out more for the 1TB model. Seriously? They obviously aren’t a fan at people upgrading the hard-drive on their own as they don’t sell “official” upgrade packages for user installed HDD’s!

I kind of feel sorry for those “casual” gamers who know nothing about the relationship of the components and literally purchase a new PS4 for more space.
Anyway, I’ve purchased a 2TB Samsung ST2000LM003 hard-disk to install into my PS4 from The capacity may be a bit overkill right now, but in a few years time, I might be pretty thankful for that decision!